Reservations & Bottle Service

Sometimes, you need to go all out when you come to the Knotty Burl. Just like your favorite Vancity clubs, we’ve got the intimate booths and the bottles to elevate your evening. With direct, personalized booth service, your friends will thank you. Hit us up to make a private reservation and order your favorite bottle of bubbly for your next night out.
Choose from one of our three, fully serviced private sections

The VIP Lounge

Arguably the best seat in the house, the VIP Lounge brings you and 15 of your closest amigos an epic view over the dance floor, snuggled up tight to the DJ booth. When your favorite DJ comes to town, this is the booth to be in. Lined with couches, and coming with full service, it makes a statement.

Contact us to reserve your space.

The Booths – Southside

Named for one of our favorite neighbourhoods in Squamish, the Southside is for music lovers. Serviced and right next to the stage, you’ve got front row seats to the hottest acts in the sea to sky area.

Contact us to reserve your space.

The Booths – Highlands

Between the bar and the dance floor, the Highlands spans the best of both worlds. Keep a close eye over all the action, and never miss a beat drop if you station yourself in the heart of the Highlands.

Contact us to reserve your space.